Ethics statement

International Journal of Language, Literacy and Translation conforms to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Violation of COPE will lead the manuscript to be rejected. Further information on ethical misconduct can be obtained using the link that is provided above.


Duties of authors

  • Originality/ Redundant publications

Authors should ensure that the submitted manuscript has never been published before.

Previous work from other researchers should be clearly/properly acknowledged.

  • Authorship and acknowledgement

All author(s) that have been listed must have made significant contributions to the research.

  • Peer review and publication

Author(s) must ascertain that the manuscript is not submitted elsewhere for consideration for publication.

Editor should be notified if author(s) decide to withdraw from publishing after review.

        Authors are prohibited from adding new individuals to the list of authors after the peer review process

        and when the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

  • Publication guidelines

Authors are required to adhere to the journal’s submission guidelines (

  • Authenticity of data

Authors are required to identify all sources used to produce their manuscript. Authors must verify that all of the paper's data is true and genuine.

  • For research involving human subjects, if approval is obtained, please cite the approval.



Duties of editorial board

  • Responsibilities towards journal content

Editorial board members are responsible in implementing procedures and policies to ensure quality and integrity of published material.

  • Confidentiality

Editors should protect the confidentiality of author’s manuscript.

Manuscripts which are submitted should not be shared among editors.

Manuscript status will only be shared to authors.

  • Conflict of interest

Editors are not allowed to use any of the information from rejected or unpublished manuscripts in his/her research without author’s consent.

  • Honesty and adherence to reporting guidelines

The editorial board should ensure the high quality of the journal. This is to ensure that the manuscripts are new and fresh contributions to the respective field.

  • Plagiarism / Academic integrity

Editors are responsible in filtering out duplicate and redundant submission.

Manuscript submitted to IJoLLT will be checked for similarity through existing software.

If high percentage of similarity is recorded, the manuscript will be rejected.



Duties of reviewer

  • Confidentiality

Reviewers should protect the confidentiality of the author(s) manuscript.

Manuscripts submitted should not be shared among colleagues or other reviewers.

  • Source acknowledgement

Reviewers should ensure proper citation is adhered to by author(s) when quoting other researcher’s work.

  • Plagiarism / Academic integrity

Editors should be notified by reviewers in case of suspicion in the authenticity of the submitted article.

  • Objectiveness

Reviewers should be objective with their review without any personal criticism of the author.

  • Relevant work

Reviewers must recognise relevant published work that the author(s) have not cited.


Archiving Policy

International journal of Language, Literacy and Translation (IJoLLT) contents are archived by the Malaysian Citation Centre.